One Seeks Love...

One Seeks Power...

Cypros lowered her gaze, wringing her scarf around her fingers.  “Before you go to Rome and claim the throne for Prince Aris, there is something I must tell you; something I have never spoken of, until today….”  


Alexandra was standing by the wall, watching her son peering out over the arid landscape, when she noticed Herod and his mother glance at the prince, whilst talking quietly.  Though she couldn’t hear them, she could only conclude their conversation was about him.  


“Yes, my son.”

“When lord Herod returns, will I be king?”

Alexandra smiled. “Yes.  He is going to return with a Roman army and take back the kingdom, and then declare you king.”

“Good.  I have many plans for Jerusalem.”

She smiled and brushed her hand through his curly hair.  “I am sure you do.”   She pulled him in front of her, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as she turned her attention back to Herod, who kissed his mother before climbing onto his horse and joining his troops.  There was something unsettling about the way he and Cypros looked at her and her son as he rode off through the gates. 

-An excerpt from SAVIOR  [Book 1]  KING HEROD-by Amyzonn Knight.-

He stepped into the midst of the group of men swooning around Princess Miriam and announced, “Your highness!  Are you in need of rescue, yet again?”

Blushing, Miriam smiled and answered, “Yes,  I believe I am.”

“Then allow me.”  He took her by the hand and walked her out of the crowd of men.  Knowing he was both a governor and General of the king’s army, not a man dared challenge him.  “Now…where were we?”

“I believe you were about to admit something?” Miriam replied with an alluring smile.

Herod chuckled and bashfully admitted, “I was going to say…I find myself smitten by your beauty.”  Seeing her blush, he took her hand and continued,  “Might I…”

“Aren’t you going to introduce me?”  a voice rattled from behind him.

-An excerpt from SAVIOR  [Book 1]  KING HEROD-by Amyzonn Knight-

Covered in soot and ashes, shrouded in smoke, steam rising from his seared skin and his majestic crown replaced with a pair of horns, he stood up.  His bloodshot eyes filled with rage, he looked up to Heaven and roared like a savage beast. 


Bearing witness to the dawn of Creation and realizing they were now imprisoned on earth, a general named Beliath approached the great fallen angel and asked, “What now, Prince Lucifer?”

Seething, the Devil turned his eyes towards mankind and growled, “Vengeance!”


-An excerpt from SAVIOR  [Book 1]  KING HEROD-by Amyzonn Knight-

And The Other Seeks Vengeance...

In The War Over Men's Souls...

The helmet tapered down to a point between his brilliant golden eyes—they blazed like fires.  He sported a finely trimmed beard, mustache and long, raven locks shimmering with golden highlights against his bronze skin.  Chiseled jawline and muscular in form, he was a flawless image of rugged beauty and raw strength.  Carrying a silver and gold shield in his left hand, the angel folded in his wings and stepped forward and spoke with a thunderous voice. “Beliath! Or should I say…Destroyer!” At the sound of his voice, fragments of the dark army began to retreat.  

“Michael!” Destroyer scowled, standing his ground.  “I should have known you would come.”

“And yet, here you are, desecrating holy ground.”

Michael’s golden eyes pierced the darkness like flashes of lightning. “It was not enough that you used King Jannaeus to turn Queen Cleopatra against her son, Ptolemy, so you could unleash his wrath on Judea, but you also drove him to massacre women and children, and commit the most heinous act!”

“And now he and his men now march on Jerusalem with an army of demons at their back, ready to slaughter every Judean in the kingdom!”

“…Is that why you and your mongrels are here?”

Destroyer grimaced, “Are you here to watch your precious city fall?”

“No…” Michael drew his massive sword and declared, “I am here to stop you.”



-An excerpt from SAVIOR  [Book 1]  KING HEROD

-by Amyzonn Knight-


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